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Make a screenshot

Screenshot is an instant snapshot of your computer screen or other electronic device.

How to make a screenshot? Usually, such a picture can be created by pressing the Print Screen button, the image saves to the clipboard, from which you can paste it into any graphical editor. But if you want to get only a certain piece of a screen or there are some other specific conditions, it is best to use a special applicayins for screenshots taking.

The application on this page is the most convenient from all the free analogues that I've ever met. It allows you not only to make a screenshot of the screen, but also to select an certain area of the screen, active window or just the color of a certain point. After the image receiving, you can edit the captured picture in the embedded editor.

PicPick 3.1.8

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Download PicPick 3.1.8 for Windows (32-bit)

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PicPick 3.1.8

The application for fullscreen, separate windows and any areas capturing. The main difference and advantage of the application is the not bad embedded graphical editor and a set of additional tools, which may be useful for every developer.

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